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First of all, what is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are messages which are set to be sent out automatically. They help you automate your email campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your subscribers. Essentially, there are two types of autoresponder you can create:

Time-based autoresponders, which are sent to your subscribers or contacts in a sequence at intervals calculated from the day a subscriber/contact opts in to your campaign via an email invitation or web-form e.g. Day 0 (instant message), 3, 7, 14, 21. Use them to send automatic messages to any contact that joins your list. 

Event-based autoresponders, which are sent when the subscriber on the performance of an action you specify. For example; An event can be set to trigger when a subscriber,contact, clicks the link, opens the message, changes his or her personal information (eg: city or product preferences), achieves a pre-determined goal you’ve set (ie a download or purchase), receives a specific autoresponder message, subscribes to your campaign or reaches a birthday, anniversary or another date or event you specify. You can use them as a stand-alone or as a completion of a time-based autoresponder sequence.

In simple terms, if someone clicks on a 'subscribe to my list' link in your email or completes your web-form, you can arrange for a series of emails to be sent to that person over a selected time period, thereby keeping them in formed with relevant email information, each subsequent email containing links back to you and your product or service.

The time sequence can go on for days, week, months or even years; I still receive emails from selected senders, people I am interested in, who have been sending me information for years.

Why is this important? - well statistics show that people rarely buy on the first contact; the more 'relevant' contact you have with your subscribers, the better chance you have of creating a meaningful relationship which will likely result in a sale for you. People are more likely to do business with people they like, trust and feel confident with. This is why using follow-up messages is so profitable for business.

BULK Email Senders

One question I am asked many time is, "Can I use these options Get Response or Awebber to send out bulk emails to clients"?  The answer is Yes and No...

That is, in order to send out an email message to a large list of subscribers, (bulk emailing); those subscribers must have 'subscribed' to your list in the first place.

If you have a list of customers on a csv or excel spread sheet for example, you must first upload them into either your Get Response or Awebber account. They will then be sent a subscription confirmation message which requires them to confirm their subscription; effectively re-subscribing them to your list.

This will result in a very much reduced re-subscription and you will end up with a very small list to target! Such is the requirement in order to fulfill the Spam Can regulations.

Whilst we all have to comply with SpamCan there are alternatives if you have a list of clients you wish to email to, and that is by using a stand-alone Bulk Email Program.

For this purpose, having looked at many options over the years, and I've found that in my opinion, Send Blaster is the best option out there.

Bulk email software for email marketing 

Send Blaster is the best bulk email software to manage your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in few easy steps. SendBlaster combines into one product the practicality of a mass email software with the flexibility of a web service. On the one hand you create newsletters and manage lists directly on your desktop: on the other you get a cloud email tracking service to handle reporting and improve your email campaigns.

Their brand new release Send Blaster 4, is full of amazing features, is available both as a free solution and a professional one with no subscription needed, just a single payment for a lifetime license. Plus, they offer a 15 day money back guarantee.

Email marketing made easy!

A good mass email campaign doesn’t need expensive web-based solutions: it can be handled effectively on your desktop or laptop pc, keeping your own email lists private and managing every aspect of the strategy on their mass email software. It’s easier, safer, and very cost effective.Email marketing is based on a trusted relationship with your customers: Send Blaster will help you build it, keep it and improve it.

In a nutshell, I have been using Send Blaster now for six years now and have found the software to be every bis as reliable as Awebber or Get Response for email message distribution.

Remember, Send Blaster is not an Auto-Responder and does not offer the same level of data manipulation and management as either Get Response or Awebber; but if you simply want to bulk email and manage your subscribers / unsubscribers in a SpamCan compliant way, then Send Blaster is the best option bar none.  

In Conclusion, for bulk email sending I do not recommend either Get Response or Awebber, UNLESS you are sending bulk emails from altready subscribed list members. In this case you do not need Send Blaster! However for sending bulk emails from a list not already subscribed to your preferred auto-responder system, then Send Blaster is the best choice.

For a Commercial Auto Responder and List management program I recommend Awebber for small to medium sized businesses.

For small to larger Businesses or those where scalability and multi-functionality is required, together with great flexibility and video tutorial support is required, then Get Response is my choice.

For Bulk Emailing Campaigns where a complete stand-alone data management facility is provided, fantastic training and support videos but where NO auto-responder system is required, then Send Blaster is the best option.  

Why I will not choose Awebber or Get Response for sending Bulk Email Campaigns Out...


Get Response, Awebber or Bulk Email Sender?

Ide like to make this very clear from the start; this review is based on my personal opinion and experience; I do not intend to go into the tinyist detail surrounding each option; instead I will get straight to the point.

I have subscribed to both Awebber and Get Response for several years and have found that both offer a very high degree of efficiency and ease of use.

Both have great tutorials and are easy to understand and use; the data capture forms are easy to create and integrate in to most other web applications, and if you are simply looking to build email lists and create follow-up autoresponders, newsletters and analyise your subscribers activities accurately, again, both offer great flexibility.

Both offer a FREE 30-day trial and the price-points for subscriber lists up to 5,000 subscribers are very similar; however for list sizes above 5,000 the price point jumps considerably.



If you have a list larger than 100,000 subscribers, you can get a quotation from Getresponse. In addition, there are separate pricing plans for not-for-profit organisations, however you must contact Getresponse directly to discuss your specific requirements.

There are 4 x basic 'Customizable' plans to choose from, and each plan is completely customizable depending upon the number of subscribers you have on your lists, and provides Many additional features.

The key differences between the Getresponse plans involve the addition of landing pages and webinars as you go up the pricing structure. However, when comparing Aweber and Getresponse, the Getresponse 'Email' plans are the ones to focus on as they are very similar in nature to the plans provided by Aweber.

Therefore, if we focus on a subscriber list of up to 5,000 in number, Get Response have the edge; if you are looking to build a larger list and employ additional staff to run the subscriber campaigns, Get Response again has the edge.

For sheer 'add-On' flexibility and features; again Get Response wins in my opinion.

So why choose Awebber? Well quite simply, Awebber is a little quicker to implement and integrate into some marketing platforms than Get Response. But there really is very little in it. For example some customizable 'splash-pages' do not accept Get Response, this is really down to the authors of those pages and is no more than a reflection of popularity.

Awebber is best suited in my opinion, to the small to medium sized business where customising to the nth degree is not required.

Ultimately its your choice; so have a look at each of their promo videos to get a 'flavor' for yourself.



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